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New York Embraces Pre-Fab Construction

Prefabricated Inwood Box Building. Image Credit: Peter Gluck & Partners.

Prefabricated Inwood Box Building. Image Credit: Peter Gluck & Partners.

The popularity of pre-fab construction is catching on in many places—and one of them is no less than what is probably one of the busiest and most populous cities in the world: New York City.

On Broadway Street, there currently is a vacant lot that is hardly recognizable and nothing more than a pile of rocks. In a matter of weeks though, it will be transformed into an apartment building—with seven stories, ten terraces, and fully furnished units, thanks to prefabricated construction methods. Called in the Inwood Project, the apartment costs $13 million and will consist of a combination of 28 apartments. And the best part, which will probably appeal most to New Yorkers, is its 28% lower rental rate than the average. The building will be called Broadway Stack, to pay its respect to its innovative form of architecture. The project will wrap up in 9 months—as opposed to the traditional 16 to 18 months of on-site construction. This also means lowered construction costs by as much as 10 to 20%.

Last year also saw the announcement of the construction of the first residential tower in Brooklyn. On top of that, New York also won the Micro Unit Apartment Building Design Contest, and fittingly chose modular design as its construction of choice.

The negative connotations New Yorkers have with prefab construction are quickly going away. It used to be equated with low-cost housing and mobile homes, but prefab is proving to be more than that. Perceptions are quickly changing, inasmuch as prefab has shown itself capable of coming up with fully functional and aesthetically pleasing designs.

That pre-fab construction is becoming popular in New York just shows how flexible pre-fab buildings are. Now that New York is following suit, it will not be a surprise if every other highly urbanized city focuses on modular construction as well.


When To Choose A Prefabricated Steel Building

Norsteel prefabricated steel buildings are a great choice for lots of applications. In the industry, we’ve seen a ton of things people and businesses have been able to do—quickly and cost-effectively—by using pre-engineered steel construction. But if you’re coming at these construction issues from a more general perspective, or if you’ve only ever overseen site-built projects, it’s easy to overlook some of the potential uses you can have for a steel building. Here are a few:

  1. Repair shop/Mechanic shop. If you’re looking at setting up a new shop or upgrading your current facilities, consider our prefab garages and shops. They’re quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive solution to get you the extra space you need.
  2. Agriculture. Farmers and other agro-businesses have long known about prefab barns and pole buildings as solutions to their storage needs. Our buildings, although they’re prefabricated, can provide custom solutions to growers.
  3. Retail Store. Getting shop set up quickly is important in executing a business plan for a retail business. Because of this, and the level of customization we can offer you, a pre-engineered building can be a great choice for a retail establishment. In addition, a metal building can be a great addition for on-site warehousing and so forth.
  4. Office space. That’s right, these buildings make great offices. So not only will you have plenty of space for storing inventory, you can have plenty of space for your people too. And who doesn’t like a roomy office?
  5. Temporary building. Pre-fab buildings can be a great resource when projects or schedules demand extra temporary space. And because these buildings are made of steel, they are easily repurposed for other uses. That’s not only green, it’s good sense!