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New Norsteel Mini Storage Buildings Website

Norsteel Buildings is proud to announce that we have created a new website to complement our existing prefab buildings website.


The new website,, has been designed to showcase our Norsteel Mini Storage division. On our new site, we offer free mini storage building start up advice, as well as mini storage products, accessories, and colour options.


Norsteel will be continuously building upon this website to accommodate our valued mini storage building clients and staff.


Should you have any questions about the Norsteel Mini Storage buildings division, or any of our other steel building products, please do not hesitate to contact Norsteel Buildings at your convenience.


Norsteel Buildings and Norsteel Mini Storage are located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. We service all of Canada as well as the United States. We are proud to offer great pricing, superior quality, knowledgeable sales staff and, of course, the fastest delivery times in the business – as little as 5 weeks!


Norsteel would like to give a special thanks to iMark Communications for designing and creating two great websites.


My new favourite “Building” quote

“We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.”

—Winston Churchill

Buying a Steel Building in Canada? Protect Your Legal Rights

One of the first pieces of advice I can offer you when you are searching for a  Pre-Engineered Steel Building is to make sure you are dealing with a reputable Canadian company.

It is true that with current exchange rates so favourable to US Manufacturers, the best priced steel buildings, and some of the highest quality steel building manufacturers can be found south of the border. As a Canadian company or individual though, it is easy to be trapped by some of the low quality, or even downright shady operators <!–[endif]–> that can be found south of the border.

Was this the \'Best Deal\'?In my career as a steel building consultant, I have often come across brand new steel buildings sitting in the yard of an auction house , or lying beside a concrete pad slowly rusting away. These buildings are typically supplied by one of the less scrupulous foreign manufacturers, and once paid for and delivered on site they end up not meeting Canadian code, or building standards.

Once you are in that boat, you will quickly discover that under US law, the buyer is responsible for ensuring that the product they purchased is suitable for it’s purpose. Even if the buyer does have recourse under US law, the costs of fighting a long distance lawsuit in Florida, or Colorado are often higher than the value of the building in the first place.

So the first rule of buying a pre-engineered bulding is to find a knowledgable, reliable, and above all honest Canadian company that can shop in the US marketplace on your’ behalf. Of course, Norsteel buildings has been fulfilling this role for decades now, and has supplied hundreds of happy Canadian businesses with a top quality pre engineered steel building to safely house their assets.

Author: Matthew Day, Building Consultant. 1-866-822-4022 EXT: 351