Military Buildings Benefit from Green Construction

The Pentagon. Image Credit: David B. Gleason from Chicago, IL via Wikipedia.

The Pentagon. Image Credit: David B. Gleason from Chicago, IL via Wikipedia.

The US Department of Defense has released an independent study on the energy efficiency and green standards for military construction, and highlighted that LEED certified high performing play a crucial role in strengthening national security.

Since using LEED, taxpayer money required to fund projects has been reduced because of lower operational costs, including reduced water and energy bills. The mechanisms and standards of LEED has allowed for water to be saved, waste to be reduced, and environmental well-being to be improved.

The mandate for green construction in government buildings, including military buildings, is pursuant to the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which requires federal agencies to be certified under a green building certification system, such as LEED.

In 2010, the Department of Defense required that all major repair and renovation projects and newly constructed buildings to be LEED-certified. In 2012, the DOD submitted a report to the Congress detailing the energy-efficiency standards and sustainability standards for major renovation and military construction, including a cost-benefit analysis and return on investment by using a green building certification system.

The report highlighted an investment approach, where the green innovations will prolong the lifetime of the DOD’s construction. This approach will also take into account factors in type of building, geographic conditions, water utilities, and energy prices.

With the new Pentagon installations, not only are energy efficiency and water conservation the immediate effects, but also the overall improvement of the morale of the building occupants—the military personnel.

The categorically positive results of the study just show how pressing and relevant green construction is both in the public and private sector. Even in matters concerning national security, the benefits of a green building are apparent.


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