2012: The Year of Prefab

Sky City One Skyscraper. Image Credit: Broad Sustainable Building.

Sky City One Skyscraper. Image Credit: Broad Sustainable Building.

A few years ago, the construction industry was in the brink of the global economic downturn. Many wrote off prefab as having reached the end of its turn. Fast forward to today, prefab has never been bigger and better. This year, it has achieved not a few milestones—among which is solving housing problems with its low cost housing solution and affordable high-rise apartments.  With prefab at the forefront of the construction industry, there is no mistaking it: prefab is back.

1. The world’s tallest buildings are prefab

This year saw the rise of the tallest prefab buildings. A few notable ones are the 30-story hotel completed within fifteen days and the Sky City One in China. Not only are they the tallest buildings, they are also the fastest to be built!

2. Prefab solves the problems of site and community

Without realizing it, prefab construction has also solved another problem: the lack of low cost trailer parks. Prefab is responsible for rolling out a new breed of trailer parks for a low cost and for those without a lot of resources.

3. Prefab buildings make for great green buildings

Adding to the portfolio of why prefab buildings are great include its green benefits. Unlike buildings that claim to benefit the environment, the essential features of prefab buildings are a game-changer to the green building movement.

4. Prefab buildings have never been this affordable

If you have been planning to get a prefab building for whatever reason—whether as an office space, a business enterprise, or as a housing solution—the best time to do it is now. The costs of prefab buildings are at an all-time low, and you would be crazy not to get one before the prices jack up.


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