Toronto Leads in High Rise Building Construction, Followed by Calgary and Vancouver

Toronto. Image Source: Public domain.

Toronto. Image Source: Public domain.

Toronto, the biggest city in Canada, is proving itself to be a leader in the modern construction. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has just released a report entitled “Canada Rising” stating that Toronto is currently leading construction starts in the Western world with regard to new buildings at least 150 meters tall.

With 15 skyscrapers currently under construction, Toronto will probably hold on to its title for quite some time. Just in 2005, Toronto had 13 buildings with 45 storeys and now it currently holds the record for the most number of tall buildings with 30 high rises under construction. By 2015, this number will have more than tripled as a total number of 44 in construction.

Calgary is a runner-up with 14 tall buildings, followed by Vancouver.

By 2015, tall buildings in Canada will have numbered 74—from merely 27 in 2001. Just last 2012, Canada saw four buildings of up to at least 200 meters built.

The rising number of tall buildings is but a sign of urban sustainability of Canada. According to Executive Director Dr. Antony Wood of CTBUH, “Canada is reshaping its urban centers and tall buildings are playing a large role. Canada is at the forefront of discussions about density, transportation and urban sustainability.”

The tall building boom should come as no surprise, as Canada recently experienced an increase in tall buildings because of the expansion of condominium apartments in the country. Back in 2001, 26 out of the 27 tall buildings were either hotels or office buildings. This time, 15 out of the 15 tall buildings under construction are residential. 8 out of the 9 tall buildings that were completed in 2012 were residential as well.

But quantity in tall buildings is not the only badge of pride Canada should wear, because its quality is far from second-rate.


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