Tallest Prefab Building to be Erected in NYC on December 18, 2012


Prefab Towers. Image Credit: SHoP Architects.

Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yard Site is in for a record-breaker, as Forest City Ratner will set up what will be the world’s tallest prefabricated building, as of December 18 at least. The 32-story residential building will be done by the aforementioned date, and will be the first of 15 prefab buildings to be built in the area.

Forest City Ratner will utilize the technology of modular construction, where sections of the building are made separately before being assembled and put together to complete the 32-story structure.

Prefabricated buildings are the latest in the construction industry, and at the forefront of this innovation are industry leaders like Norsteel, whose expertise in putting up prefab has made it one of the leaders in the prefab construction industry in Canada.

With modular construction, prefab buildings can be put up in record time, with quality that is as laudable, if not even better than traditional buildings. Moreover, prefab buildings make use of steel—a material that is not only environmentally friendly but also beneficial to building occupants.  The costs of putting up a prefab building are also much lower than traditional buildings—due to the minimized time and construction costs.

The record for the tallest prefabricated building is currently held by a building in Britain—a 25-story tower, which is only 7 stories short of the incoming record holder.

This building, however, will probably not enjoy its status as the tallest prefab building for long, as other prefab buildings much taller than this one are about to be put up, including a Chinese firm that will put up what is claimed to be the tallest prefab building in a record of 90 days.


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