Energy Groups Send Joint Appeal to Continue Combating Climate Change in Britain

Solar Panels. Image Source: Public Domain.

The commitment to green energy has just been intensified, this time by the three key industries in Britain. The leaders of the nuclear, tidal, and wind industries of Britain have signed a joint appeal to ministers in a bid to persuade them not to change their stance in combating climate change.

The joint appeal comes after years of opposition in these three industries and at a time when the Government itself is uncertain of its stance on green energy. The joint appeal was signed by heads of over 1,000 renewable energy companies and addressed to David Cameron, Ed Davey, and George Osborne. The appeal asks them to sign a de-carbonisation target for electricity generation with a legally binding effect.

RenewableUK, an organization of around 600 energy producers of wind, wave, and tidal energy also signed the appeal. The Nuclear Industry Association and Carbon Capture and Storage Association were also involved in it.

The appeal is the first time that these industries have found common ground together and reveals that the fears regarding the skepticism over climate change. The appeal is also backed by Greenpeace, one of the largest and most influential environmental groups, although with reservation to the use of nuclear energy power.

Greenpeace, in its letter, welcomed the unity of these industries and were one with the goal to completely obliterate the electricity system before 2030.

The two addressees, Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne, together with Nick Clegg, are about to discuss the Energy Bill later this week. The meeting was supposed to be held last week, but was cancelled when it was apparent that the two sides were nowhere near an agreement.

The effect of such an overwhelming expression of support from various energy groups has yet to be seen. But whether or not it compels the government to take green energy initiatives seriously, one conclusion is certain: green energy and green building (even individual projects such as Norsteel Buildings) is most certainly a national issue that every government has to carefully think through.


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