The US Republican Stand on Green Energy: Does America Deserve a Downgrade?

Mitt Romney. Image Source: Wikipedia.

Can the US really afford to take a step back in terms of its environmental regulations? Republican presidential Mitt Romney and vice-presidential Paul Ryan seem to think so.

Romney’s plan, instead of constructing more energy-efficient projects, places focus on expanding the role of oil companies. As pointed out by The Huffingon Post: oil and gas industry executives are to draft a plan that rolls back protections for clean air and water, expands oil and gas production on protected lands and in coastal waters, and otherwise doubles-down on fossil fuels. All of this gives short-shift to climate change and the still-embryonic renewable energy industry — well, that’s just aimed at ‘the well-being of the nation,’ according to Romney’s energy plan.”

Paul Ryan even went as far as to say that the fun for green buildings were “green pork”. He said, “Look at just the $90 billion in stimulus the vice president was in charge of overseeing — this $90 billion in green pork to campaign contributors and special interest groups.”

Obviously, this just goes to show that Romney misunderstands the role played by green buildings and the degradation of the environment because of carbon emissions among other harmful toxins released by usual buildings.

In fact, Paul Ryan himself has showed skeptical belief of climate change, despite advocating for reducing greenhouse gas emissions” in a letter he himself made to the Department of Energy in 2009, when he asked for stimulus money to support two energy efficient organizations in Wisconsin.

What’s particularly interesting is his allegation that the “green pork” went to special interest groups, when oil and gas executives are special interest groups in themselves as well.

When all is said and done, one thing is for sure: lessening the funding for green projects will be a mistake that will be realized once it’s much too late.


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