Energy Management Apps for Your Business Needs

Part of owning commercial buildings is finding ways to drive down energy costs. While a green building is a huge step to lowered costs, there is still much that you can do to integrate both environmental performance and energy management in the maintenance of your green buildings. And the best part is that you don not even have to spend much.

Here are three apps, as recommended by Ms. Ashley Halligan, a Property Management Analyst, to attain that much coveted ENERGY STAR score, air quality analysis, and improved overall energy audit.

1. Melon Power

Green app. Image Source: Melon Power.

Whether you are required by state law to measure your ENERGY STAR performance or simply want to assess where you are in terms of your STAR performance, this app will deliver consumption data by having utility companies hosting a Green Button send it over. The app will then deliver the data to the Environmental Portfolio Manager. This app won 2nd for the “Best Overall App” in the Apps for Energy contest of the US Department of Energy. It’s not hard to understand why.

2. HVAC ASHRAE 62.1-2010

Green app. Image Credit: HVAC Ashrae.

This app, designed by Carmel Software Corporation for the Applie iOS ensures that devices complies with heating and air-conditioning standards for indoor air quality of commercial buildings.

That’s right: this app makes sure that the indoor ventiliation is at par with filtration, air cleaning, and ventilation standards.

3. econInsight Mobile Audit

Green app. Image Credit: econInsight Mobile.

This app has features that makes it easy to collect date as an audit of your building’s performance is made—from measurements for control and lighting systems, operation schedules, occupancy, to the motors/drives. You can enter the relevant data manually or through pictures and voice notes.

Once the data is completely entered, the app can provide an analysis and comparisons of how your building performance is. There are also efficiency upgrades and customer proposals offered by the app.


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