The Benefits of Steel

At Norsteel, we pride ourselves for choosing only high quality steel that provides value, versatility and speed. There is no doubt about it: steel remains the best material for construction in the battleground of green buildings. There are several reasons why steel makes for the best green buildings:

1. Longevity

Steel manufacturers produce steel from metal by the tons on a daily basis and is even recyclable. Steel can essentially be remolded and reused. Its completely recyclable content means that it produces less waste compared to, say, wood. Steel can be renewed infinitely; as  a matter of fact, more steel is recycled daily than any other material such as paper, plastic or glass.

2. Construction speed

Steel is easy to handle and requires less space than buildings made of wood or concrete and can be constructed rapidly. Construction workers can quickly put together built-in panels without need of power tools. All materials, to note, are made of recyclable products. Norsteel is particularly an expert at prefabricated buildings that not only take fast to build but also perfectly fit to specifications.

3. Energy saver

In terms of saving energy, steel buildings are capable of delivering optimum results. Steel buildings have insulation within its steel walls and can easily include energy saving windows and doors, and solar energy powered units. In terms of heat reduction, the walls and roofing of steel buildings reflect the heat, thus ensuring that the interior is well-insulated.

4. Durability

In terms of durability, steel buildings don not require as much maintenance and repair as other types of buildings. With drywall mounted on the framing, the building endures less structural damage over time. Also, steel buildings are flexible and strong in comparison to concrete or wood. For example, it is resistant to rot and mold.


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