To Become a LEED Green Associate

LEED Green Associate Logo. Image Source: USGBC.

Living in a green building is one thing, but having extensive knowledge about how they work is an altogether different matter. If your curiosity regarding green buildings is as insatiable as ours, you might want to take your interest to a further level and become a LEED Green Associate. A LEED Green Associate is someone who has successfully passed the LEED GA exam and is certified by the LEED to have a career in the green building industry.

Claire Moloney, a LEED Green Associate from Cornell University, explains the process of becoming one. A registration fee of $200 is required to be a member, plus an application fee of $50. Once you have passed the requirements, there is also a credential maintenance fee of $50 once every two years.

But what are the payoffs of becoming a credited LEED Green Associate? Is it a career worth pursuing and a title worth having? As far as Moloney is concerned, there are two major benefits.

For one, having the LEED Green Associate title as a credential proves the knowledge and passion for sustainability and green buildings. With expert understanding, insight and expertise of LEED, the certification can open doors.

LEED is known to be the most popular green building certification system in the US, and its international influence is unquestionable. As a LEED Green Associate, this means that you are up-to-date on the standards of the green building industry.

Another benefit of being a LEED Green Associate is that green knowledge can be relayed in the construction, building design, and operational processes in order to reduce building operational costs. Green know-how will ultimately boost the profits of building owners, as LEED building strategies that can help to increase worker productivity and recycle infrastructure waste. These will, in the long run will become a good starting point to building a professional name in the industry, much like that of Norsteel Buildings.


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