Governments Need Green Buildings

The Zuidkas is an example of a commissioned green building in the Netherlands by the Government Buildings Agency. Image Credit: Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter.

It is pretty clear from our number of green building posts that we are a staunch advocate of the green building movement. We believe that every homeowner or building occupant deserves to have the quality of life that green buildings offer. Even government office employees benefit from more green work environments. Jerry Yudelson, a LEED Fellow, notes some interesting developments on green buildings in the US government’s perspective at a meeting with experts organized by the US National Research Council.

Buildings Need More Green

One speaker, Bill Browning of Bright Green, talked about his report entitled “Why Designing with Nature in Mind Makes Financial Sense”, which tackles the importance of putting more “green” into buildings. He cites living things such as plants and water that allow employees to be more in touch with nature as they work.

Multigenerational Responsibility

Another perspective delivered by David Batker of Earth Economics and Christopher Juniper of CORE is that the present generation needs to leave something behind for their children and their children’s children. Leaving a healthy planet and a healthy workplace is one of the ways to drive home that point.


There is another reason why federal green buildings are promptly needed: resiliency. As noted in the conference, a need for sustainable and resilient buildings that can withstand heat waves, flooding, warm summer seasons, and the freezing winter is required.

Taking Two Steps Forward

The conference put into perspective the impact of large buildings on urban infrastructure, including the sewerage system, stormwater management, and the water supply. This is something that the LEED rating system and green buildings can provide.

The conference provided a great avenue for healthy discussion on how governments—not just the US—can address the need for green buildings. And what is the one thing missing? Making green buildings a concrete reality.

If you are looking to erect a green building, one of our consultants at Norsteel Buildings can help you make your own green building a reality.


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