What Are Green Buildings?

Question Mark. Image Source: Buildapedia.

What are green buildings? Construction firms and building owners throw the word “green building” around a lot, but do they really understand what they are referring to? Here we talk about green buildings and their different nuances.

Green buildings are structures that adhere to the principles of environmental responsibility and are known for its efficiency in consumption of resources throughout its life-cycle. There are five salient features of green buildings.

1. Efficiency on the construction phase: This refers to practices that were employed during the construction of the building such as efficient waste management, employment of techniques to reduce pollution levels and prevent soil erosion, reduction of noise and light pollution and use of eco-friendly techniques.

2. Interior design: The promotion of health and wellness of people occupants and inhabitants is the primary concern of this feature. This is done by optimizing water quality and indoor air, thermal comfort, optimum lighting design, and acoustics.

3. Energy and water efficiency. Construction firms must employ or at least be aware of energy efficiency techniques such as zero carbon technologies, energy efficient building systems, and energy sub-metering. As for water efficient, lead detection, recycling, and consumption reduction must be part of the building design.

4. Selection of materials. The green building must be built from materials that are responsibly sourced and are durable.

5. Innovation. One of the challenges of putting up a green building is making sure that it is innovative both in design and performance.

Two buildings that are commonly associated with green buildings are energy efficient buildings and sustainable buildings. While energy efficient buildings reduce electricity and fuel consumption in operation, sustainable buildings are able to create its own energy and water resources. Sustainable buildings usually employ methods to recycle waste water, organic waste and solid waste into resources.

Energy efficient buildings, sustainable buildings and green buildings—all these are part of the domain of expertise of Norsteel, a premier green building company.


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