Greening Your Home

BCA Green Mark. Image Credit: Building and Construction Authority.

One of the major misconceptions about greening one’s building is that it requires building owners to make huge financial investments. On the contrary, there are several simple and cost-efficient green practices that homeowners can incorporate. Several studies have made it possible for homeowners to benefit from greening their home without having to spend too much.

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Scheme was launched in 2005 and strives to incorporate green practices and adoption of green building technologies. The following are suggested as eco-friendly practices  for your home:

1. Use only energy-saving lamps that emit less heat and convert consumed energy into usable light. Also avoid incandescent lamp that only convert 10% of power into usable light.

2. Buy lighting for specific purposes—such as reading lights and bedside lamps. These will conserve energy, in contrast to turning on the ceiling lights or wall lights. The latter will light up the entire room unnecessarily, when all you need is lighting for a specific area of the room.

3. Let natural lighting flow into the room by opening the curtains and blinds and reducing artificial lighting. Do not forget to turn off the lights when you’re about to leave the area.

4. Most people underestimate the power of light colors. BY using light colors like white and sky blue, daylight is diffused more evenly.

5. When turning on the air-conditioning unit, make sure that all openings such as windows and doors are tightly shut, as these will cause the AC to consumer more energy.

6. Shit from single-glazed windows to Low E double-glazed units. Another practical solution is to install external infra-red reflecting film to the outer glass of the single glazed windows to reduce the heat coming into your home.

7. Choose the cold wash setting in the washing machine, as this will conserve more electricity.


1 Response to “Greening Your Home”

  1. 1 amandasanda July 27, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    All good things! Our house is tiny and dark, and I find it so hard to resist turning all the lights on just to stay sane!

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