Simple Steps for Greening the Workplace

Recycling Bin. Image Source: Public domain.

Here at Norsteel, we believe that green buildings are a work in progress. While we take an active part in establishing or putting up the building in the first place, ensuring that the building lives up to green living standards is up to the building owner. For commercial building owners or office spaces, there are a few simple changes that can be done in order to meet this standard:

1. Bring your own cup. Instead of providing disposable paper and plastic cups beside the coffee maker or the water dispense, encourage the employees to bring their own cups. By bringing their own mugs, water bottle, or container, a lot of unnecessary paper and plastic will be saved.

2. Go for a paperless workplace. Instead of printing copies of reports and presentations, it is a better idea to just email or share them through a projector. If you are willing to go the extra mile, providing tablets for viewing is a great idea.

3. Change your lighting. If it is bright enough outside, you can turn of the office lighting for a while and go for natural lighting from the windows. Just make sure the windows are UV-protected in the first place—that is a matter Norsteel can help you with.

4. Recycle. Start a company-wide initiative to encourage employees to recycle. Provide incentives that will help your employees take recycling and segregating seriously. Educate them about its direct benefits to them. If you do this, the chances are that they will bring the same habit home.

5. Unplug when unused. Before leaving the workplace, remind the employees to turn off their PCs, the AC unit, the heating unit, and practically anything that consumes electricity.

Evidently, these are simple steps that can be done, as long as green building owners are serious about continuing sustainable use of their green (Norsteel) buildings.


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