Green Globes: A Popular Certification System in the US and Canada

A Green Globe. Image Source: Public domain.

Some building owners simply do not have both the time and resources to apply for a green building certification. This should not stop them from assessing the green performance of their building. Fortunately, there is an assessment system that is simple, practical and convenient to use: the Green Globes system. By using Green Globes, building owners can obtain accurate information about their buildings at once.

The Green Globes system is an environmental design and management tool that makes use of an online assessment protocol and a unique rating system. There are currently five assessment tools in the site: Design of New Buildings or Significant Renovation, Management and Operation of Existing Buildings, Building Emergency Management, Building Intelligence, and Fit-Up. Each online auditing tool has separate criteria depending on whether the construction owner is in Canada or in the US.

The Green Globes system is an integration of the Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM). The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) then published the BREEAM Canada for Exsiting Buildings. Back then, around 35 buildings participated. Among the notable participants were representatives from provincial and federal departments and the National Research Council and University of Toronto.

It wasn’t until 2000 that the Green Globes system came about and became an online assessment and rating tool. It was also able to get the support of the Canadian Department of National Defense and Public Works and Government Services.

In 2004, it was used by the Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada (BOMA). The Green Building Initiative (GBI) on the other hand acquired the rights to Green Globes in the US.

Today, the Green Globes system is one of the more popular certification systems both in the US and Canada. In the USA, it is operated by the Green Building Initiative (GBI), while in Canada, it is known under the brand name BOMA Best.


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