Steel is Still the Best

Although metal composite and engineered timber are becoming popular in construction projects, steel remains as the gold standard in terms of the best construction material. So why has steel stood the test of time despite other materials that have been around for long (wood and concrete) and newcomers?

Sustainable and longer lasting homes
In the residential construction industry, steel is the top choice. Not only can steel be easily joined and formed, it is also lightweight and can withstand natural disasters. While other construction materials tend to deform, shrink, or warp over time, steel is stable and will not give homeowners a headache by constantly requiring expensive repairs.

Faster building time

Because steel requires a relatively simple foundation, finishing a building or construction project with steel as the main construction material takes a faster time to finish. Because the building can be finished faster, it can be rented out to occupants earlier, thereby reducing time and financial constraints.

Flexibility and versatility

Residential and commercial building owners are increasingly taking control of how to utilize their interior. This requires the optimization of the existing space by adding columns, staircases, or even totally new rooms. For commercial spaces being rented out, a flexible interior is crucial in case the tenant would like to add an elaborate computer system or even hospital equipment.

These are demands that steel as a construction material are able to address, since it is virtually the only material that allows dynamism and maximum space utility. Also, additional steel can be bolted to the existing structure to allow for more customization.

Safety against earthquakes

To protect one’s home against earthquakes, steel should considered primarily. The best construction material that can go against the unpredictable frequency, magnitude, and duration of earthquakes would be the material that can consistently and predictable act in a non-brittle manner: steel.


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