UK Government Contributes £1M to the Green Construction Industry

The Green Construction Board of the UK has just secured £1 million dollars in funding after an announcement by the Business Minister Mark Prisk May 14, 2012. The amount will serve as an investment to further the joint efforts of both the government and the construction industry to promote the growing sustainable construction sector.

According to Prisk, the government’s investment will maximize the opportunities for UK construction in sustainable development.

“This money will enable the board to take forward a large programme of activities through the voluntary contributions of many people from the industry, who are keen to engage with us regularly to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy. This additional funding will be used to get even more value from those contributions by supporting particular tasks, to ensure that they are delivered more quickly, or in more depth, than would otherwise be the case,” Prisk further explains.

The Green Construction Board itself was established just recently in November, in pursuit of the Low Carbon Construction Plan. This plan was  made in an effort to de-carbonise existing construction in the country, by focusing on the property and infrastructure sectors.

The GCB may be relatively young, but it has achieved several milestones over its few months of existence. One is the establishment of seven working groups, with 160 representatives from the Government and the construction industry. These working groups have the common goal of delivering a comprehensive activity program.

Another accomplishment of the GCB is the establishment of a ‘Routemap’ for the industry, for the next few decades until 2050. The board pioneered the ‘knowledge database’ for the research of low carbon structures.

Lastly, the GCB was able to integrate the accomplishments of the Sustainable Construction Task Force, the organization in charge before GCB came to life.

This improvement just goes to show how serious the UK is terms of investing in green and sustainable construction. Soon we’ll be hearing great things about UK’s green construction industry.


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