Green Construction on the Rise in the UK

Bradford Student Accommodation. Image: GWP Architecture.

As royalty like Prince Charles and celebrities like Orlando Bloom gear toward having green homes. As the government starts to tighten its regulation with a view of ensuring that all construction turn green, the UK is quickly becoming one of the major locales of green construction.

Its leading green rating system, the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREAM) has in fact assessed around 7,000 green building projects just last year, more than twice from the figures in 2009.

The “Outstanding” rated buildings in UK, in fact, provide excellent examples of the leaps and bounds that green buildings can become. Here are a few ways to make unique green construction work:

1. Pet shelters

In Shrewsbury, dog shelters are made more comfortable by providing insulation, fences that are noise-reducing, and an elaborate rainwater-harvesting system that supplies water for washing the dogs. This is not only a comfortable and breezy environment for dogs, but also a green construction that has earned a top rating from BREAM.

2. Real-time energy and water use

In Bradford, a 10-block residential village for students has around 1,000 bedrooms and a communal area for students. What makes the Green student accommodation positive in BREAM’s book is its incorporated real-time energy and water use screen displays in every student flat, which helps students control their energy and water use consumption.

3. Prisons

The Thameside Prison is a pioneer in its own right, being the first prison facility with removed pollutants and enhanced ecological factors. There are also sustainability features such as a water heating and space conserving system powered by biofuel boilers from waste vegetable oil.

4. Unusable food waste to energy

The Waitrose Stratford City, a retail store in London, has earned an outstanding rating for its ingenious use of unusable food water to energy by sending it to an anaerobic digestion plant for conversion into energy.


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