Green Parking Solutions to Complement your Green Building

Reserved Parking for Hybrid Vehicles. Image Credit: Trendhunter.

Having a green prefab steel building is nice, but you do not want to forget other aspects of green construction that are just as important in pursuing environmental awareness. The last thing you want is to have a green building that saves electricity and water costs but is offset by other aspects of your construction—like parking. Norsteel is a fierce advocate of green construction that helps you lessen your utility costs and promoting environmentalism.

Green and environmentally friendly parking solutions are one of the ways by which you can make your green building more sustainable. The International Parking Institute (IPI) recently published the Framework on Sustainability for Parking Design, Management and Operations—a framework that establishes how to provide sustainable parking solutions to its members.

The IPI, with a goal of reflecting balance between the reduction of adverse environmental impacts and societal health and welfare, advocates alternative energy sources and reduced reliance on fossil fuels. It also suggests a variety of multi-modal transportation options and effective natural resource management. Waste reduction strategies when it comes to parking and transportation are also highlighted in its report.

One particular trend that the report highlighted on is the use of electric charging stations in parking spaces. Because of the rise of hybrid vehicles, owners are in constant need of charging stations that are unfortunately often located too far in between.

In its report, IPI has several options that will allow commercial real estate businessmen to accommodate electric and hybrid vehicle charging stations in its parking spaces. This is especially important for major industries such as retail, hotel and multifamily businesses.

Parking solutions may sound insignificant and inconsequential, but it is actually a matter that can help create a more sustainable way of living. This is a point that we, at Norsteel understand, as we believe that green construction must take into account all aspects of sustainability and reduction of environmental impact.


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