Green Construction Getting Even Better

Construction Vehicle. Image Source: Public domain.

Although several construction companies are still skeptical about the impact and popularity of green construction, a recent survey by the McGraw-Hill Construction shows the impact of green construction. A particular industry that has benefited most from the benefits of green buildings is residential construction. In 2011, green construction in residential houses made up 17$ of the total work by cost. A five-fold increase is expected in the next four years, so that by 2016, green construction will make up about ¼ of residential houses.

Other details in the report are also most enlightening. For one, green construction costs have declined. Well known is the fact that green construction will help curb utility costs, but that the cost of investing in a green building can strain the pocket. However, this no longer holds true, as the upfront investment for a green building have come down—which means that building owners get to recoup the cost of their building faster and reap the benefits as well. Do not forget that energy costs constantly escalate too, so the long-term benefits of green construction is unquestionable.

Another finding reflected in the report is that the primary motivators for putting up green buildings are not environmentally driven. Rather, better indoor quality and better savings are the major reasons for turning to green residential buildings. These two reasons are more than enough for building owners to spend a little extra for them.

The report also highlighted the fact that green retro-fitting is becoming a major trend. For current building owners who cannot afford to tear down their buildings, remodeling the ones they have to fit green building standards is the best option. In fact, homeowners are willing to spend as much as 5% more for retro-fitting.

With the government catching up on legislation to fit to green standards, there need be no doubt as to the emphasis green construction will ultimately have in the industry.

If you are looking for a pre-fabricated environmentally conscious steel building, contact Norsteel for more information.


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