How are Steel Buildings so Quickly Built?

Construction site. Image Source: Public domain.

How come some steel buildings can be built so fast?

No, it’s neither an act of God nor an extraordinary feat of nature. This is a result of pre-engineered buildings—steel structures that are easily assembled and has a variety of uses across all industries. Several prospective building owners do not yet fully understand the merits of prefabricated buildings and refuse to understand fully its advantages. For that reason, Norsteel has prepared a list of advantages of prefabricated steel buildings.

  1. The easiest advantage to point out is that prefab buildings are fast to assemble. It virtually takes only weeks to put together them. Therefore, you can get back the return of investment a lot faster than conventionally built structures.
  2. Prefab buildings are self-supporting, so the costs for shuttering and scaffolding are reduced.
  3. Quality control is better with prefab buildings, since they are built in a factory assembly line setup and have the hands-on guidance of engineers and architects. On the contrary, building from scratch in a construction site always has the risk of having flaws in quality control.
  4. The construction is not exposed to harsh weather environmental factors caused by bad weather or strong winds. Such factors threaten the integrity of a regularly assembled building, but they are not present in prefab buildings.
  5. Advanced materials are used in assembling prefab buildings, such as sandwich-structured composite that improve sound and thermal insulation. These are materials that are much more expensive in other buildings.
  6. Careful handling of steel panels is assured. From the time the panels are manufactured to when they reach your site, the panels are shipped in a cost effective and safe way.
  7. Prefab buildings also cost less in terms of electricity and water costs. Because of its essentially environmentally friendly nature, prefab buildings are much easier to maintain.
  8. Because prefab buildings are easy to transport, you can do away with the arduous process of meeting with the architect and eating up your time. You can even deal online!

2 Responses to “How are Steel Buildings so Quickly Built?”

  1. 1 tyler July 2, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    Very interesting the difference between being prefabricated in a factory or custom built on site. Very good points here

  1. 1 Prefabricated Steel Buildings have Construction Advantages - Leonard Engineering Trackback on March 2, 2012 at 2:28 pm

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