Four Myths About Green Buildings… Busted!

It is quite clear that green buildings are here to stay. Unfortunately, many construction firms still do not and will not understand the wisdom behind green buildings. Because of misinformation or lack of information, people tend to get confused as to what exactly is the real deal about green buildings. Well, here are some myths about green buildings that you have to stop believing in—from no less than one of the pioneers in green buildings, Norsteel Buildings.

Myth # 1 Green buildings are costly.

There are several high-profile and expensive green building project contractors—in the same way that there are several construction firms that charge a variety of fees for construction projects. There are plenty of firms that offer viable and inexpensive green building solutions that are right for your budget, whether you are a residential building or commercial building owner.

Myth # 2 Green building is only a matter of selecting the right materials.

Just because you reused recycled materials with low energy and no VOCs does not mean that you already own a green building. There are several considerations for a green building to be called such—from the selection of the site to waste reduction.

Myth #3 Green buildings do not save energy.

Another myth thrown around about green buildings is that they do not really save energy and water at the end of the day. Actually, the performance of green buildings will speak for itself. As much as 60% energy reduction is reported by buildings with a green design.

Myth #4: Green products have to be imported and are rare.

This is not exactly true. For example, Norsteel will be not run out of green products for your building anytime soon.. There are a growing number of sources for green products, so there is no need to worry that the construction will be stalled halfway through.


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