Self-Storage Buildings Can Be Green Too!

Commercial buildings, residential apartments, and hotels have been spearheading the road towards energy-efficient green buildings. We’ve seen drastic developments in these industries, but what’s the next big thing in green building?

Believe it or not, self storage facilities are have quietly but decidedly moving towards environmental awareness and energy efficiency. If you’re an owner of a storage facility yourself, here are a few tips that might help you lessen the costs of maintaining your business.

Use prefab steel buildings.

Prefab buildings are easy enough to set up, and make the best storage facilities. Storage facilities that are expanding opt for steel prefab buildings, because of its space-saving and energy-efficient qualities. Not to mention that they are easily customizable.

Have a natural garden area to purify runoff water.

Your storage facility can learn from Big Yellow Self Storage in Bromley, London. The business received an Environmental Award for having created garden areas so the runoff water will get naturally purified. This is much better than letting the toxic water go straight to the sewer system.

Replace lighting with fluorescent bulbs.

If you cannot invest on solar panels, you can instead replace your current lighting with fluorescent bulbs. They eat up much less electricity and will even give a laid back retro vibe to the storage rooms of your customers. Another option is to use motion-sensor light bulbs to save energy. This will also save your customers and staff from having to turn on and off the light constantly.

Set-up facilities using recycled materials.

Several storage facilities have gone the extra mile and built facilities made of recycled and reusable materials. This may take a bit of effort, but it is well worth it because the facility will not only be cheaper to put up, but also cheaper to maintain.

Pre-fabricated steel buildings have always been more green than other alternatives, but have only now been associated with the popularity of environmental building practices. And with innovations in building accessories, these buildings will be even more environmentally sound.

Nisku Building. Image Credit: Norsteel Buildings.


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