New Handbook Provides Standards on Continuous Green Building Improvements

Green Buildings. Image Source: BPN.

While compliance with green building standards is essential in green construction, continuous improvement and maintenance are just as important. Most building owners and construction firms often forget that green buildings have to be continuously improved in order to truly help the environment and reduce energy costs.

To make sure that you get the most out of your green building by reducing electricity and water costs, while also keeping your carbon emissions at a bare minimum, The Building Performance Tracking Handbook might be what you need. Developed by the California Commissioning Collaborative and funded by the Energy Commission, the handbook provides standards of assessment for building improvement.

The handbook provides a standard operating procedure that allows building owners and managers to understand how the building is performing, which parts use the most energy, and how green building expectations are met. By educating building managers about this information, they can identify problems and find solutions. This framework of fine tuning and benchmarking the energy performance of the building from time to time is becoming a popular practice in New York and San Francisco.

Also in the handbook are the basics of green construction. For those who are already on the more advanced levels, there are supplementary resources, which provide a deeper understanding of green buildings. There are also case studies from which building operators can learn a lesson or two on green construction. Commercial buildings can also find out the several benefits that they will gain from green construction, such as reduced energy costs, a higher market value, and higher occupancy rates.

We at Norsteelbelieve that building performance needs to be tracked from time to time. While we lay the groundwork for green steel building construction that complies with the most rigorous standards of green construction, maintenance and continuous improvements continue to play a large part in the development of our products.


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