Recent research highlights effectiveness of green federal buildings

Green Building. Image Source: Smart Today.

It’s a known fact that green buildings vary in terms of energy and water savings, reduced operating costs, and decreased carbon emissions. We are reminded of this fact in a report commissioned by the Government Services Adminstration (GSA) and researched by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

After looking at 22 green federal buildings in the US, the report, released last Thursday, showed that green federal buildings are generally better than green commercial buildings. For one, they cost 19% less to maintain than their counterparts. Also, they use less energy and water by 25% and 11% respectively.

In terms of carbon emissions, green federal buildings emit less than approximately 34% of their counterparts. They also have more satisfied occupants by 27%.

The research offers one of the more holistic perspectives in green construction, taking into consideration not just the energy and water use but also the maintenance costs of the building and the satisfaction of the occupants.

Although design and construction are essential elements in green construction, the needs of the occupants must also been looked into. The research highlights the commitment of the federal Government in creating sustainable green buildings that both have small carbon footprints and offer satisfaction for its occupants. This is reflected in the numerous legislation and executive orders by the government. The study merely highlighted how effective implementation of these policies have been over the decade.

The trend nowadays is towards green buildings that are not only built well but also stand the test of time. The same evaluation standards used in the study may very well be used in green commercial buildings as well. These standards are:

– A yearlong review of operating data

– Survey of building occupants

– Interviews with the building manager

– Walkthrough by building and construction experts

The research obviously highlights the need for green commercial buildings to keep up with the better and more sustainable green federal buildings. The first step, obviously, is to contract and work with providers of high quality buildings that care as much about quality as the environment. Norsteel, clearly, should be one of your foremost choices.


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