Recent LEED Report Shows the Growth of Green Buildings Worldwide recently released the Green Building Market and Impact Report 2011, as per the research of executive director of Rob Watson. Considered as the founding father of LEED, Rob Watson’s findings indicate the growth of LEED registration.

According to the report, LEED buildings registration continues to grow, especially overseas. In fact, LEED buildings overseas are edging out the US in terms of LEED registration. Despite the upward growth, the progress growth has not been as rapid as in previous years. The total average increase of green building growth has been at around 45% in 2011 compared to 2010. In the US during the same period, the growth rate for the past year grew by 39%. LEED registration overseas is impressively set at 53%. This growth, however, is not as fast as the three-year bubble growth that occurred from 2007 to 2009.

The report also predicts that LEED certification will reach 2 billion square feet in 2012. While it took 10 years for LEED certification to reach 1 billion, the next billion is being accomplished at a faster rate.

The report is the fourth in a series that Watson started in 2008. The report plots the growth of LEED buildings, the progress of LEED registration and certification, and the changes in the building rating and assessment system.

If there is any hope to counter the dangers of climate change though, the growth of LEED buildings needs to be sustained. Watson further states that in the past, they’ve had a hard time showing through concrete proof that LEED certification is indeed healthy for the environment. In the end, he remarks in a recent webcast:

“If you’re not making more money with your green building, you need a new marketing department. Similarly, if you’re not getting your green building coming in at zero-cost — or very low single-digit extra costs — then you probably need a new design team as well.”

But just how much can green buildings, such as the steel buildings by Norsteel, reduce carbon emissions? According to a graph in the same report, the improvement will be as follows:

LEED Energy Carbon Dioxide Savings. Imaage Source: Green Biz.


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