Survey Shows That Green Buildings are Great for School Infrastructure

A conceptual drawing of a future green school. Image Source: Green market.

A recent independent nationwide survey reports that 75% of Americans are willing to support the drive for green and eco-friendly construction. The survey shows that Americans support federal funding for school building improvements that will lower carbon emissions, comply with LEED certification requirements, and ultimately help save on taxes.

The survey  shows an alarming statistic: 1/3 of schools in the US are in “poor condition”, while only 6% can be deemed to be in great shape.

The study also shows that Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the need to overhaul the school infrastructure systems so that learning environments can become efficient, healthy, and conducive for learning. Most Americans no longer believe in just updating school infrastructure; they’d go as far as insist that school buildings must comply with current standards of energy efficiency.

This is certainly needs more advocacy in order to advance building process. One green school alone can reduce the country’s carbon emissions by as much 585,000 pounds annually. Aside from helping the environment, green schools are also shown to have a positive impact on students. Seventy percent of school administrators report that green schools reduce absenteeism and even improved the performance of students. Also, with less money spent on heating and cooling costs, schools can redirect their funds for teachers’ salary and other school resources. Without a doubt, investing in green schools is not a waste of time.

The government, unfortunately, thinks otherwise. In 2008, the US government chose to postpone an $254 billion-project to maintain and update school buildings. This is certainly an unacceptable move, after the US Government Accountability Office has reported that around 25,000 schools in the US are in need of replacement and repairs.

The survey was undertaken by the US Green Building Council’s Center for Green Schools and United Technologies Corp.

We’ve always talked about the importance of green construction and the integral role of steel buildings.  This survey just goes to show that green construction can extend not just to office and commercial spaces but also to schools. And the result? Students that are more willing to learn, drastically reduced costs, and reduced carbon emissions. That’s a trade-off Norsteel is certainly willing to take.


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