Making Recycling Easier

Looking to make your recycling process easier? Well there is a product called CleanStream which is designed to increase recyclers profitability.  This process combines the power of the company’s P-Rex drum magnet and the new Shred 1 separator. Making it easier to separate garbage as well as shredding it.

The drum improves ferrous recovery by one to two percent while the shred1 separator produces a low copper content.  In this process, the materials will go through a permanent rare earth drum magnet which is designed using sophisticated modeling techniques up to 40 percent strong than any electro drum. This requires no operating power and can move large spherical objects at twice the distance. Keep in mind that current electromagnetic drum technology is not capable of sustaining a deep enough magnet field to attract much of the heavy spheres referred to as meatballs and knuckles.  The next step in this process is that the materials go on to the shred1 separator which will use ballistics to automatically separate high grade iron rich ferrous from mixed metals and waste. This will utilize  a high speed conveyor belt and will subject the material to forces that push different materials into a trajectories. This will result in the smallest and purest items that will be pulled from the natural trajectory of the larger and less pure ferous and ferrous composite items such as meatballs, tires, etc.  The more pure ferous items report to the shred chute and move to a stacking conveyor.

The second fraction is the larger size ferrous items and lower grade ferrous including meatballs and wiring harnesses. This streamline represents 10 to 20 percent of the original stream and proceeds to hand picking stations.  Because the cleanstream has reduced the volume, the handpicking can be equipped with slower and narrower belts and will require fewer picking personnel.  The third stream represents the non-value wastes. Most of the bulk of this material is usually steel belted rubber tires.

Cleanstream enables shredders to deliver low-copper content shred which steel mills will pay a premium because of too much copper being melted and because of this it will also embrittle the steel batch and affect the surface quality of the end of product. And finally, factoring in the value of meatballs and other copper and nonferrous items that are recovered as discrete saleable commodities.  They are worth several times more by weight than shredder steel and automated equipment recovers more of the material than manual sorters can. If your interested in the Cleanstream product, there are many advantages and this will also make your recycling product so much easier! See below for product info.

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1 Response to “Making Recycling Easier”

  1. 1 Busch Recycles September 9, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    What a handy piece of machinery – anything we can do to make recycling easier and more efficient is a significant step in the right direction!

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