Back-up Panels in a All in One System

A problem that many architects and contractors face is finding a back-up wall system that will keep moisture out and the heat in.  Even though most component back up systems consist of layers of batt or board insulation, exterior gypsum board, air barriers, vapor retarders or building wraps, there is a company called Moon Township who offer an all in one MetalWrap series insulated composite back-up panel.  This consists of a single thermal, air and moisture barrier back up system. These panels can be used with element exterior or mixed medium buildings using a metal brick and terra cotta exteriors.

Today, builders are looking for a high level of performance as well as easy insulation.  The MetalWrap series does just this by positioning the panel component instead of several separate building materials.  A lot of the problem areas are being removed by providing a single component. This will give the ability to provide a continuous air and thermal barrier for the envelope.  If the layers of the traditional multiple component back up system fails, this can lead to moisture build-up and entrapment within the wall cavity of the building and will result in mold, poor insulation and corroded studs.  With the MetalWrap series panels, they have vapor, water, air and thermal barriers which are all included in one single piece. This will lower the risk for failure by combining all barriers into a single-component.  A major benefit to this is that the system will simplify the speed up for construction.

The problem with traditional system is that they need multiple work crews, more job-site deliveries and coordination of scheduling and sequencing.  With MetalWrap systems, it allows for faster close-in and dry-in and minimal construction waste.  It also includes advanced thermal and moisture protection technology which will control moisture without loosing thermal efficiency.  The way the system works is by combining insulated foam core with a durable metal rainscreen, air and moisture barrier and unique clips, anchors and supports that will meet the requirements of each exterior building material. Most architects do not have to worry about what they are putting behind a building  if they have a combination of brick and metal facade on a building because of the various details that are going to take to transfer from one exterior material to the other. The system can be used on this type of elevation.

The panels are available in 2 to 4 inch thick with up to an R-27 value and can be installed horizontally or vertically. They are manufactured with a high volume of recycled content and are Cradle to Cradle Certified at the silver level and may aid in LEED points. The panels also meet thermal and fire code requirements.

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Source: Metal Architecture Magazine


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