The Heating and Cooling Properties of a Steel Building

Installing a HVAC System. Image Source: Life123.

In addition to being affordable and dependable, steel is a preferred choice among “green” builders, largely because of its efficient heating and cooling properties.  Here’s a little more about this amazing material’s eco-friendly properties:

Steel is excellent at insulating – meaning it uses less energy and is more water efficient than other materials.  In fact, studies have shown that buildings with steel metals roofs can save “up to 40 percent in energy usage,” which is absolutely incredible when you think about it.  Not only does this lead to reduced air conditioning and heating costs, it is also great for the environment.

When a steel building has been assembled properly, it can create an incredibly sound structure that is weather resistant and energy efficient.

Most steel buildings, particularly those intended to house people and/or animals, contain built-in ventilation systems, which help facilitate that movement of air, helping to prevent a building from overheating in the summer and freezing in the winter.  A good ventilation system is a sound investment as it will work in conjunction with a building’s heating and cooling systems.

Insulation also helps regulate the temperature in a steel building.  One of the great properties of steel is the fact that it insulates well, and most steel buildings today are designed with easy insulation in mind.

HVAC systems are the heating and cooling mechanisms that go into steel buildings.  It is important to choose one that is made to work with the size of the building.  HVAC systems are rated in accordance to the square footage space they can properly heat and/or cool.  Choosing a system for a larger area creates extra cost and choosing a system rated for a smaller area puts extra stress on the HVAC, which can shorten its life.

Steel buildings are, by nature, created to be energy efficient.  However, choosing the right insulation, ventilation and HVAC system can further improve efficiency.


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