Steel is a Cost Effective Building Material

Money Falling. Image Source: Public Domain Image.

Data shows that an increasing number of contractors, architects and builders are using steel in their buildings – and for a variety of reasons.  In addition to its strength, steel is a versatile and incredibly dependable material with an extremely high tolerance.  It’s also a very cost-effective material to use.  Here are a few reasons why steel is an economical building material.

Quick Construction Time

The construction time for a steel building is normally faster than that of a building constructed using other materials, lessening production costs.  In some cases, steel parts can come pre-cut to the exact specifications of the building, making them far easier, and faster to assemble.  This helps to decrease labour costs, keeping costs down.

Long-Term Investment

Steel is an incredibly durable material which is resistant to harsh weather conditions.  Unlike other building products, steel will not collect mould or rot.  The initial costs of purchasing steel material may cost more, but steel makes an excellent (and economic) long-term investment.


Another way steel helps to keep costs down is through energy efficiency.  Steel is excellent at insulating, meaning it will help keep a building cool in the summer and warm in the winter, at a fraction of the cost of other buildings.  For this reason, steel is often used in energy-efficient and LEED certified buildings.


Steel is one of the strongest, most resilient materials available on the market today.  In addition to its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, it is also fire resistant and some studies have demonstrated that steel buildings are more resistant to earthquakes than other buildings.


Steel is an incredibly flexible material that can accommodate a variety of different settings.  From offices to storage sheds to homes, steel can do it all.  Thanks to steel, a corporate head office can be housed in the same building as a factory.  Keeping all business faucets in one area can greatly reduce shipping and administrative costs.


1 Response to “Steel is a Cost Effective Building Material”

  1. 1 deck building materials June 30, 2011 at 8:11 am

    Steel definitely has all the properties you pointed out, especially for buildings. But there are other materials, mostly in residential construction, that for people like me are more attractive. Still, you make a lot of valid points!

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