Cooling a Steel Building

Water Cooler. Image Credit: Ironic 1.

Steel buildings are a great investment because they are easy to assemble, more environmentally-friendly than other materials, and cheaper to heat and cool.  But how exactly does one cool a steel building? If you own a large steel building that houses employees, this should be a top concern of yours.  An un-insulated, improperly cooled building can be hotter on the inside than it is on the outside.  It is important to make sure that employees remain comfortable during the summer months.

Here are a few handy tips that will help get your steel building ready for the warm weathers.

First and foremost, air conditioning is a great investment for a steel building.  Compared to buildings comprised of other materials, a steel building can be up to 40% cheaper to cool. An air condition system can be used in conjunction with a cool roof system which will prevent the air conditioning from over-heating.

A cool roof system protects a building’s roof from weather damage and the sun’s heat.  Usually comprised of light-coloured tiles or covering, a cool roof system provides a reflective barrier from the sun’s rays.  This helps minimize cooling costs and makes it easier to stabilize the temperature within a building.

Good insulation is another way to keep a steel building cool during the summer months.  This will help keep hot air out and cool air inside, where it belongs.  Adding extra insulation to the ceiling will trap any hot air that makes its way into the building.

Another tactic, which may or may not be feasible, is to try and arrange workspaces in areas where there is not a lot of sunlight.  Trying to assign workstations to “shadier” areas of the building can help keep employees cool, which can again help to reduce cooling costs.

Last but not least, regardless of how cool your building is, it’s always important to have a water cooler or water fountain available for employees to cool down from the heat and rehydrate.


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