Two U.S. Hospitals Earn LEED Certification

Jordan Valley Community Health Centre. Image Source: World Interior Design Network.

Two Illinois hospitals – the Jordan Valley Community Health Centre in Springfield and the Hillsboro Area Hospital in Hillsboro – have earned LEED Gold certification from the US Green Building Council.

Both construction projects were overseen by Vertegy, a St. Louis-based company, with Alberici Constructors acting as the general contractor.

Jordan Valley was originally designed by the Lawrence Group.  A recent renovation of the 72,000 sq. ft. building was completed which incorporated a bevy of sustainability measures.

Environmentally-conscious interior finishes were implemented into the building, as well as a specialized insulating glass.  The building also contains a specialized roof designed to decrease “heat island” effects in the area, water-efficient flush closets and urinals, and an eco-friendly revamp of the building’s energy distribution systems which resulted in energy savings of approximately 28%.  Ninety-two percent of the structure was recycled and/or re-purposed during the renovation project and sixty percent of the construction waste was diverted from the landfill.  “Green cleaning” maintenance procedures were also implemented.

The Hillsboro Area Hospital is a 22,700 square foot building which recently incorporated high albedo paving surfaces to decrease “heat island” effects and dual-flush toilets.  It also features vegetated open-areas and refrigerants were specially selected with ozone sustainability in mind and preferred parking spots for carpoolers and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Click here to learn more about the hospital’s sustainability features and here to learn about green buildings.

LEED Certification Rating Systems

The LEED rating system is scored on a possible 100 points, as well as 6 additional points for design innovation.  There are four levels of certification, with “Certified” being the lowest and “Platinum” the highest.  A LEED “Certified” building has scored 40-49 points, while a “Platinum” building has a score of 80 points or above – at present, there are only four platinum-rated building in North America – one in Canada and three in the United States.


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