Innovative Design Using Steel Shipping Containers

Idekit refabricated home. Image Credit: Maison Idekit Home.Steel is an incredibly versatile material, and we’re continually inspired by innovate ways to incorporate it into design.  A great article that recently appeared in the Vancouver Sun profiles builder Bernard Morin, an entrepreneur who creates environmentally-friendly homes by thinking “outside of the box.”

Motivated by his desire to build residential homes in a more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-conscious manner, Morin and his business partner Jocelyne Labelle create homes out of recycled maritime shipping containers.  Operating under the name Idekit Homes, the Ste-Adele, Quebec company focuses on creating weather-resistant, well-lit homes.

Not only are these homes quick to assemble (Morin compares the building process to putting LEGO blocks together) the homes are also aesthetically pleasing.  Morin says there’s no shortage of building material, either.  According to the article, there are millions of decommissioned shipping containers sitting in dumps around the world.

A 1,200 square foot model home was featured at the Ottawa Home & Garden Show this past weekend.  It was shipped from Ste-Adele by truck and was easily assembled by Morin and an assistant in 10 hours.  All Idekit homes can be easily shipped – which means that these homes can move with you to a new location.

The total cost of the home, which includes delivery and set up (but not the cost of an electrician, plumber or property) checks in at a mere $99,000 CAD.

Idekit has sold 20 homes to date and is looking into developing condos as well.  All structures are waterproof, air-tight and energy efficient, and are eligible for LEED certification.

Creating homes out of recycled materials is a fast-rising trend that is picking up speed around the globe.  In Amsterdam, a youth hostel was constructed out of shipping containers and in Jamaica, families grown partial to the durability of shipping containers since they are able withstand hurricanes better than some traditionally-built homes.

Click here to read more about Idekit homes and click here to read more about the benefits of steel buildings for commercial, industrial and agricultural uses.


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