The Benefits of Steel

The edge of a Norsteel building made of steel. Image Credit: Norsteel Buildings.

Data shows that an increasing number of contractors, architects and builders are using steel in their buildings – for a variety of reasons.  In addition to its strength, steel is a versatile, dependable material with an extremely high tolerance to the elements.

Here are some of the other benefits of using steel as a building material:

1.    Steel is durable. A perfect material for unpredictable Canadian winters, a properly-installed steel roof on a solid concrete foundation is strong enough to withstand the sometimes excessive loads of snow and ice we receive here in the Great White North.

2.    Steel is resilient. Unlike wood, steel doesn’t rot, nor does it promote mould and mildew development.  It also doesn’t attract termites or other pests.

3.    Steel is cost-effective. The construction time for a steel building is normally faster than that of a building constructed using other materials, making the production process much cheaper.  Steel also makes an excellent long-term investment, as it is easier to maintain.

4.    Steel is better for the environment. Believe it or not, steel can be more eco-friendly than wood.  According to Ezine articles, “an average wood-framed home generates about 50 cubic feet of waste in the landfills, compared to about 1.5 cubic feet for steel or metal.”  Steel is also 66% recyclable.  Article Alley notes that: “steel building products, including steel frames, are made of recycled steel. No less than 28% of steel frames are recycled steel, which can then be recycled in turn. This is better for the environment than wood, as it is estimated that a typical 2000-square-foot home uses the wood from around almost 50 trees. The same house, when built with steel, requires only about six scrapped automobiles.”

5.    Steel has a uniform consistency. Unlike wood and other natural-based products, steel is manufactured to be uniform throughout.

6.    Steel is safer. Steel is a versatile material that works well on its own or when paired with other building materials.  It is non-combustible, meaning it will not ignite in the instance of a fire.  This can help reduce insurance costs.


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