Planning A Mini-Storage Complex

Thinking about putting a mini storage building up? First thing you need to think about is location. Location is very important especially since zoning is almost always an issue. You must make sure you understand the restrictions on the type of building and business that you intend to bring with you to a given location, and that there is no conflict with mini-storage.  Below you will find a list by Erik Hermes’ article, “Insight to A Great Site,” which is a popular list that can be found in numerous articles and it used by many owners to determine a good location for their mini storage building.  First off, what makes a good location?

  • On an arterial street
  • Easy to see
  • Traffic count minimum of 20,000
  • High density of homes
  • Few competitors within 3 miles
  • Next to an apartment complex

And now what makes a great location:

  • On a major intersection
  • Easy to access
  • Minimum traffic count of 30,000
  • High density of homes in growing area
  • No competitors within 3 miles
  • Next to high activity retail or restaurant

Once you have decided on your location, size, number and mix of units, you can get in touch with a manufacturer.  There are many manufacturers in the market so be sure to do your research and to get information from a few before you proceed.  Make sure you discuss your own custom requirements, and any accessories they may offer that can enhance your operation.

We recommend that you try this FREE ONLINE QUOTE SERVICE, as it will put you in contact with multiple, top-level manufacturers, who will provide you with high-end project proposals at factory-direct prices. The form is quick and easy to use and requires no commitment. These suppliers will be competing for your business, so it is in their best interest to offer you top quality service and excellent prices.

We at Norsteel buildings also provide many types of mini storage buildings, please be sure to give us a call at 1-866-822-4022 or visit us at



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