Windows for your Steel Building

Windows are a very important accessory for your steel building. They can make your steel building look brighter, modern and beautiful.  Aside from adding aesthetics, windows are important as they allow ventilation and lighting of any area in the building.  Galvanized or covered with aluminum framing, this will make your windows much more durable and will last for years to come. They will become less prone to destruction that is usually caused by poor weather conditions.  When ordering windows while purchasing your steel building, it will help to avoid discrepancies that are related to dimensions.

There are many types of windows to consider, down below we will talk about the different types of windows.  Most steel building companies have various sizes of windows for you to select from. Each selection will depend on the owners taste of course as well as the placement in your steel building.  Here below are the most popular types of windows:

Horizontal Slide Windows: They have overlapping sashes that slide horizontally; providing lighting and ventilation to the building. These may have features like half screen, latch, tainted glasses, weather stripping etc.

Single Hung Windows: They are fixed at the one end and movable on the other. These may also have additional features.

Slim Line Windows: These windows cannot be opened and are fixed and closed. Thus, these are basically used for letting the light in or enjoying a view of the outside. Many steel building owners opt for them to add on the appearance of their steel buildings and offices.

The windows that are described above can be insulated or non insulated, self framing or requiring sub framing etc. This all depends on the buyer and his/her building requirements. Windows are not usually included in steel building kits, however they do come completely assembled for easy installation in your steel structure.

If you’re considering installing windows in your steel building, you might want to start thinking about different designs. For more information please visit us at

Information on other steel building accessories can be viewed at:



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