New Tool Launched for LEED Credential Holders

LEED Logo. Image Credit: U.S. Green Building Council.

Earlier this month the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) launched the CMP Wizard, an interactive online tool designed to help LEED-certified professionals better understand their Credential Maintenance Program requirements as well as discover educational supplements.

The CMP Wizard helps LEED credential holders choose from various options for earning their credential maintenance credits.  The program is unique in that it offers users a variety of options for obtaining their credits.

According to the GBCI website, credential maintenance enables LEED green associates to maintain current knowledge of green building practices as well as expand their knowledge base, keep on top of current best practices and demonstrate that their “expertise is meaningful in a rapidly transforming marketplace.”

“We created the CMP Wizard to answer questions from current LEED APs with the goal of making the GBCI credential maintenance process clear and easier to understand,” Peter Templeton, President of the Green Building Certification Institute said in a recent press release. “The CMP Wizard navigates directly to the key requirements each credential holder needs to know.”

The GBCI is an organization that provides third-party confirmation of criteria related to LEED building certification.  In 2009, the GBCI administered LEED building certification for the more than 37,000 commercial projects.

“Green building is a critical element to a jobs creation program,” Templeton also said.  “Professionals who are knowledgeable about green building and the LEED process are today, more than ever, being sought after by employers, clients and project teams.”

The CMP Wizard is innovative in that it helps to ensure that credential holders stay current with the ever-evolving “green” industry and constantly changing rules and regulations. The CMP Wizard also provides an opportunity for industry professionals to develop new skills and keep current.

To date, over 9.7 billion square feet of construction space has been LEED certified in more than 120 countries. Additionally, nearly 10,000 homes have also been certified and nearly 30,000 homes have been registered under the LEED Home Rating System.

Click here to learn more about the CMP Wizard.


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