Snow Guards for your Steel Building

Snow guards are used to keep the snow from sliding off of your roof; however they are not the most attractive component of a steel building.  You may find yourself of having to convince the architect that if they are even necessary as their aesthetic value is so low.  Most architects prefer very little snow guards on their roof.  Snow guards are capable of more than mere functionality.  One project in Alaska has shown that snow guards can enhance the look of a roof and even stand out as a nice feature.  The projects in Alaska which is called The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts and the Anchorage Rail Station, both utilize the SNOWBAR system which is manufactured by Action Manufacturing LLC, and distributed by Riddell & Co. Inc. and SnowBlox-SnowJax.

The Snowbar system can be curved to match the curves of the roofs.  One of the projects features more than three miles of snow guards and the other project features more than a mile of snow guards.   “The unique thing about both jobs is that the architect was using the snow guard not just for snow retention purposes, but for an architectural feature,” Said Paul Riddell, president of Riddell & Co. “That’s the unique aspect of these two projects; taking snow guards a step further as an architectural feature by incorporating them into the look of the job. They didn’t need that many rows for snow retention, but they wanted them every five feet on center to create more of a grid-type pattern on the roof.  “One of the biggest complaints we hear is, ‘When you put a snow guard on our roof, it takes away from the buildings’ look.’ We wanted to show that it can be part of the design process.”  Using a stainless steel clamp and bar, the Snowbar system can be left bare as on the performing arts center, or can be painted to match the roof as on the rail station. Because the clamp is stainless steel it can be used with all types of metal roofs such as copper and zinc.  The first project we talked about earlier features a stainless steel, standing-seam metal roof panel and the other project features a zinc panel.  All Snowbar systems can be painted to match the roof and the curving of the bar is great for preventing snow and ice from avalanching off a metal roof which will prevent damage to property, injury or death.  Also all stainless steel withstands weather.

So even though most of us think that snow guards are not the most attractive thing on a roof, most people consider using a small bar system over the entryway or the door.  And unfortunately, most of those small bar systems fail because they are not supported with multiple rows and bars.  Consider the two projects we talked about and hopefully this will shed some light on snow retention.

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  1. 1 Kade February 7, 2011 at 11:47 pm

    I prefer to use the SnoShield brand snow guards when installing metal roofs because you can match them to the roof. Snow Guards

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