Steel Buildings are great for the Environment

With innovative building design, engineering and use of materials, pre-engineered steel buildings are leading the way in the Green building revolution.  Steel buildings are not only better for the environment but better for you too.  Here are some advantages to steel buildings:

-Steel buildings don’t require cutting down trees

-Steel manufacturers use materials with a high proportion of recycled content

-Employ sustainable building design and construction

-Buildings erect in less time than conventional building construction.

-They can lower insurance costs because Steel buildings are fire resistant

-They are rust resistant and maintenance free

-Steel manufacturers employ energy efficient methods in steel production that help to substantially     reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

-Steel can be recycled over and over again

-Most steel produced in Canada uses recycled material

-More steel is recycled than all other recyclable materials combined

Sustainable building also known as “green building design”, recognizes the environmental impact of buildings and works to make this impact much less through energy efficiency building materials that are, environmentally sound and innovative building design.  This will create a healthy indoor environment!    Steel buildings that are coated with cool coatings will use less energy in both the summer and winter and will make your building energy efficient.  Cool metal building coatings will reflect heat in summer, but also retain the heat inside the building on cooler days and will save you money on your heating bills. Cool coatings will reduce energy costs and you can even qualify for Federal tax credits.

Cool coating paints for roofs and side panels that steel buildings use, come in a wide variety of environmentally friendly building colors. Cool coatings are special paints with superior reflective qualities that act as a thermal barrier to keep the insides of steel buildings cool in summer. An “urban heat island” happens when urban concrete and asphalt construction absorbs heat during the day then radiates it back at night so that temperatures don’t fall at night as they normally would, and is a powerful contributor to climate change and global warming.

In Canada, commercial building construction is taking advantage of the cool properties of steel building metal roofs for commercial buildings such as: warehouses, industrial manufacturing plants, aircraft hangars, storage buildings, retail outlet stores, auto dealerships, strip malls and more.

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