What are the benefits of steel?

There are many advantages to steel such as durability, flexibility and strength which offer many advantages.  Steel is sustainable for building materials making it a popular product in the construction field.  Below we will talk about the three aspects for sustainable development for steel construction.

Beginning with environmental advantages, most steel is coated with metallic or organic coatings which protect it from corrosion and deterioration. Steel is low maintenance and very durable.  The other good thing about steel is that at the end of its lifespan, it can be deconstructed and recycled making steel the most recycle material in the world.    Steel construction sites are clean and dry leaving them free of detriment such as noise, dust, storage requirements etc. They also enable very light structures, maximizing the glass area, and light reducing energy consumption for optimum benefits of the occupant and our planet.

The processing and production of steel are environmentally friendly. Steel is produced from iron which is one of the most abundant elements on our planet. In less than 50 years, the energy consumption required for steel production has been slashed by more than 50%, CO2 emissions have been halved and dust dispersion has diminished by more than 90%. Water used by the steel industry is purified and recycled and the by-products from steel production are reused. Another advantage to steel structures is that they are lightweight and because they offer great freedom, volume and form, they fit well in any environment.

Some social advantages of steel are that the assembly of semi-finished factory made products promotes safety and pleasant working condition during construction.   Steel structures maximise glazed areas, and therefore natural lighting. Volumes are large and adaptable. The result is enhanced quality of life in steel buildings. Steel enable construction solutions offering good thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Economic advantages are that Steel structures promote energy savings, particularly by means of high-performance exterior insulation techniques. Steel structures offer the possibility of large glazed areas, and therefore natural lighting, thus reducing electricity costs. Erection is rapid, enabling a reduction in investment costs and more rapid amortisation of financial charges. Steel’s mechanical strength enables the use of less material for equivalent performance. Steel is easy to maintain and, when properly protected, it is extremely durable.

For more benefits and advantages of steel, please visit: http://www.livingsteel.org/building-with-steel

Also feel free to visit:  www.norsteel.com for more information on steel structures.


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