The Importance of Job Site Cleanliness and Organization

Construction Waste: polyurethane blocks. Image Credit: KVDP

When it comes to safety, the old saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” still rings true. Simple steps to prevent injuries are often overlooked and keeping a job site clean goes a long way in preventing accidents and injuries. For example, a simple spill left for even a few minutes could lead to potential injuries, lawsuits and other nuisances that could have been easily avoided. The Calgary Herald has reported worker injuries, deaths and property damage from clutter and debris from recent large construction projects.

Maintaining a clean and organized job site at all times will help avoid unnecessary hazards on the job site as well as allow workers to be more productive since they are spending less time worrying about navigating through messes or avoiding dangerous materials. This allows them to devote more time and energy on the task at hand. When job site cleanup is a concern, and there is no time for the trades to clean up the site, some contractors have even hired extra help to do the cleanup.

Eliminating debris is essentially to decreasing trips and falls, which are the most common type of workplace injuries. Garbage should be placed in proper trash receptacles as it can easily infiltrate the space and be quite dangerous on construction sites.

Keeping a site organized also prevents tools and other building materials from being lost. This will decrease the time and money needed to find or replace such tools. When everything is stored in its proper place, it is easier to keep track of equipment and materials required.

There are numerous other benefits in addition to preventing accidents with a clean job site, such as decreasing airborne health hazards, legal costs, preventing clutter and even increasing customer satisfaction.

Generally, it is the responsibility of the general contractors and subsequently the trades people and subcontractors to create safe workspace. While there is no such thing as an entirely clean construction site, there are simple procedures to optimize the use of the space. In the end, everyone benefits from a clean and organized construction job site.



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