The Benefits of Using Skylights and Light Panels

Image: Norsteel SSR Dome Skylight.

In addition to saving on lighting costs for your steel building, skylights and light panels are excellent ways to add value and beauty by allowing more natural light to illuminate the space. There are multiple benefits of adding these products to your project.

Skylights are basically windows that are installed on the roof, allowing sunlight to filter into the space, eliminating the need for artificial light during the daytime hours as well as providing the warmth of the sun. Norsteel offers clear, high strength polycarbonate skylights with a one piece dome and curb design to allow for easy installation and maximum light transmissions. We also offer translucent fire retardant GFRP light panels that will match the metal cladding profiles of the roof and walls, allowing for a factor of 60% light transmission.

Skylights have been shown to allow up to five times more light than a traditional window of the same size on a vertical wall. Adding light panels on your roof and walls will increase this even more.

Both products maximize the amount of natural light in a space. This is important as it regulates the body’s circadian rhythm, inducing sleep at night and providing vitamin “D” to stimulate positive emotions and reduce winter mood disorders. Natural light also increases the likelihood for plants to thrive indoors.

Since skylights and light panels replace the need for artificial light, electricity bills are decreased during the daytime. The heat and light provided from the sun will lower the amount of energy, either in the form of electricity or gas, required. This translates to energy savings over time.

Due to the reduced need for electricity, these products are considered green because they make use of renewable energy and lessen the impact on the environment.

Lastly, skylights can increase the value of a property due to their energy efficiency and the visual appeal they add to a building. Since there is more light, dark areas are then illuminated, creating a sense of spaciousness and creating a more open and airy feeling. Small spaces benefit from the illusion of a larger space.

Norsteel offers skylights and light panels which are easy to incorporate into your building plans. Contact us for more information on adding skylights or light panels to your steel building project.


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