The Benefits of Insulating Your Windows and Doors

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Now that the weather is getting cooler outside, drafts entering from the outside are much more noticeable. Sometimes you can even feel a breeze coming in from a leaky window or door, and even if there is no visible air flow, the opening may draw out warm air from indoors.

Windows are a huge source of air leakage. Ineffective windows, like single pane windows with only a single glass barrier, can have an enormous impact on heat loss and subsequently, higher heating costs. However, in warmer regions, like the Sun Belt, the problem is reversed. Sun can penetrate through windows and increase the temperature indoors, requiring higher cooling costs.

­Window performance can be improved by adding thermal shades or plastic wrap to your existing windows or replacing them with storm windows or glazed high performance windows.  Since insulated windows trap warm air between panes, the window will be warmer to the touch and radiate warmer air.

Man door or garage door performance can be improved by having door seals in place, such as threshold seal or weather stripping, or by attaching insulation. Joints should be properly sealed and still allow the door to fit between any gaps of the door.

There are numerous benefits to having these simple methods in place, in addition to preventing heat loss and reducing energy bills. This will decrease fossil fuel consumption, carbon emissions and regulate the temperature of the space. It can also decrease exterior noise and prevent fine dust and pollen particles to travel in from the outdoors. Heated spaces can also maintain higher humidity levels, resulting in better air quality and personal comfort.

In additional, many governments around the world are realizing this and are offering insulation rebates in order to reduce energy consumption.

A one-time cost of insulating windows and doors has simply too many benefits to pass up.


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