Storage Tips for Your Garage or Workspace

Image Source: Renovate Australia

Since your garage can serve as a workshop, shed, storage locker, carport and much more, it’s the best place to store all your miscellaneous items. Effective use of the space can be done with a little planning and vision. Here are just some tips of how to maximize your storage space.

The first step is eliminate clutter and throw out what everything that is not used or required anymore before you start organizing. Everything should be sorted through and determined whether the items in question serves a purpose, if not, then it should be promptly discarded.

Use the items being stored to help define the space requirements and choose the appropriate storage solutions. Use storage cabinets, either free standing or wall mounted, to store tools, supplies and equipment. Specialized storage units are available for storage certain types of equipment or tools, allowing for similar items to be stored in one compact space. This is create additional storage space that may have been underutilized before and protect your items from moisture, dust and dirt.

Wall shelves can be used to add additional storage. These can be free standing or mounted, and shelves can even be built in rafters for storing items that are not used on a regular basis. This creates more floor space and minimizes visual clutter.

Bins should be used for smaller miscellaneous items. Storage should be labelled so that things are easier to find and there will be less time spent searching for elusive items.

Hooks for hanging storage can be attached to studs on garage walls or even rafters to hang larger items.  Pegboards can be installed on garage walls to provide support to hang various size hooks.

Everything should be placed in ergonomically located places, but in some cases, a bigger storage space is still required. Norsteel Buildings can provide storage buildings, pre-fabricated metal garages and even mini storage buildings in several styles to suit a wide variety of purposes. These economical buildings can be completely customized to fit the project needs. After all, a well organized storage space should make life easier and allow things to be found more quickly.


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