The Practicalities of Building Green, and Cool Regal White Roofs

People associate “green” building with some elevated building style that isn’t accessible to the average person. They think of homes that are featured in architecture magazines with expensive solar panels, and cutting-edge technologies. This characterization has a kernel of correctness, but a building can still be green so long as it is built with environmentally friendly products and allows for more efficient processes of liveability. This can be done simply by choosing better materials.  What do we mean by ‘better’?

Typically, brand new green technologies are at the market introduction stage of their product life cycle. This means that initially, costs are high, sales are slow and a demand has to be created to achieve the economies of scale that allow for mass-market production. This creates fear from building green to avoid additional costs. 

Yet, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, building green isn’t reducible to dishing out big bucks for new technologies.  The reduction at issue is rather one of the harmful impacts on human health and the natural environment. This can be done as long as:

    * Resources, including energy and water are used in the most effective manner.   

    * Waste, environmental damage and pollution are minimized

    * Occupant health and employee productivity are maximized

At Norsteel, our buildings are designed to be sustainable as well as affordable.  We combine an energy efficient shell that minimizes negative environmental impacts and is code compliant.

Our steel, as well as some roof and wall products, are made of 100% metal alloy, which was recycled and can be reused or recycled again.

A wide range of energy-efficient structural components, including the Thermal Clad Insulation Panels, Energy efficient windows, and Tuf-Dome skylights help achieve more comfortable surroundings. In places with lower temperatures, our insulation can create thermal efficiency and last the entire life of the building. The skylights allow for 60% light transmission from the sun, decreasing the need for electrical lighting.

Even something as simple as changing the colour of your roof, for example, the Cool Regal White colour coating will bounce light off the roof, creating a cooler environment underneath.

All our materials come from wisely selected resources, minimizing environmental impacts and creating high quality products. We design our buildings for “high performance” and this turns out to be just another phrase for being “green.”


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