Prefabricated Steel Buildings and Universal Design

At Norsteel Buildings, we make every effort to accommodate your prefabricated steel building requests. We can create easy-to-erect metal buildings that have been customized to your exact specifications. Not only this, but our buildings are so versatile that you can incorporate wood, masonry, other types of metals, windows, glass blocks or virtually any material that you feel will add to the aesthetic value of your prefabricated metal building.

Some customizations and modifications have more than simply a visual appeal. They can prove to have a useful purpose. Large glass areas that invite natural light into your building or shade providing awnings in front of your doors are both great examples of a customization that serves both an aesthetic and practical purpose.

There are other practical customizations in and around your building and building site that are also worth consider and plan for before erecting your prefabricated building; Items such as indoor and outdoor wheelchair ramps,  handicap bathrooms and accessible kitchen areas or break rooms, for example. In other words, now is the time to incorporate accessible, or universal design.

According to Wikipedia, there are seven major principles that encompass universal design:

  1. Equitable use
  2. Flexibility in use
  3. Simple and intuitive
  4. Perceptible information
  5. Tolerance for error
  6. Low physical effort

Incorporating universal design into your prefabricated building at the planning stages is smart, compassionate and perhaps even profitable. You will be better able to seamlessly integrate accessibility accommodations that serve the handicap and the public in general. You will also avoid costly post build modifications and additions. If you are still in the planning stages of your prefabricated metal building project, now is the time to find out about your particular area’s zoning laws and accessibility requirements, and to really consider the people who will be utilizing your building space.


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