Specials Galore

Just a post to reiterate some great deals we’ve got going on a few select buildings. These buildings may be just what you need to cost effectively get your building project up to speed. If you’re not tied to something custom and just need space fast, here’s a sample of what we’ve got going down. The sooner you call the sooner you get an awesome price locked in.

This building would be great for an industrial condo. It’s 60’ x 200’ x 22’ high. It could be a great investment in that you can use part of it for your own business and then rent out space to others. Plenty of space for that at 12,000 square feet. You’d be getting them to pay for the space you need. Tom is the guy to speak to about this building. Call him at (866) 822-4022 ext. 267.

This nice little building is a STEEL OF A DEAL. Get it? Steel? But it’s a steel building… oh, never mind. In spite of the humour, it is an awesome bargain. It’s 80’ x 100’ x 20’ high. That gives you lots of square footage for whatever you need. This building has a lot of accessories including gutters and downspouts. The drawings are included as well. This building needs to go! Call Ron for the details and get yourself a great price (866) 822-4022 ext 350.

This third building is a chance to get some custom modifications, since the basic engineering is done, but not the fabrication. It has an insulation package—and you know how important that is. Get ONE THIRD off the price, for this building only. Call Jim for more information (866) 822-4022. Ext. 248.

Okay, last special for this week—this one has video, check it out!


This building is a beautiful truck or heavy equipment repair shop. It was originally designed for Grande Prairie, Alberta, which means it’s suitable for very heavy snow loads. The size is 80’ by 120’ by 20’ high. The building has three repair bays plus warehouse and/or office space. You can still get some modifications made to it. We can be moving you in six to eight weeks. Call Jonathan for specifics at (866) 822-4022, extension 353.

More specials later, but these are worth looking into to. Like we said, you can lock in some great bargains now!


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