The Built Green Renovation Program & Guide to Build Green

Earlier this year, Built Green Canada which is a non profit industry that promotes green building practices to reduce the impact buildings have on the environment, has increased the options for green building by a Renovation Program and Guide in addition to its checklist for new construction. 

Many people are upgrading their homes and buildings to make them more energy efficient so The Built Green Renovation Program & Guide has come at the perfect time! “It was developed with input from builders and renovators, allowing them to choose from a checklist of more than 290 action items that address everything from energy efficiency and water use to material selection and homeowner education.” said David Bengert, President of Built Green Canada.

Built Green offers building standards, mandatory builder training and third-party testing, inspections and audits across Canada. It encourages homebuilders and renovators to use technologies, products and practices that will provide greater energy efficiency and reduce pollution; provide healthier indoor air; reduce water usage; preserve natural resources; and improve durability and reduce maintenance.  More than 14, 000 homes are enrolled in Built Green Canada today!  The renovation program was created for Built Green Canada by a team from the Canadian Home Builders Association of British Columbia, which included renovators, builders, community representatives and industry experts. 

Certified builders and renovators select items from a checklist of green criteria posted on the Built Green Canada website to meet Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum achievement levels.

The renovation program guide, which you can also find at  recognizes actions that:

  • Meet green codes and regulations for energy, air quality, water efficiency and storm water management standards.
  • Involve Built Green members who are committed to green building, and have specific knowledge and skills.
  • Use techniques that reduce site impacts, including water protection.
  • Promote energy efficiency beyond National Building Code requirements, using Natural Resources Canada’s EnerGuide rating.
  • Improve air quality and reduce health risks for occupants and installers.
  • Choose green building materials and reduce job-site waste.
  • Help owners and tenants learn how to operate their homes in a more environmentally friendly manner. Homeowner education is the only action item required for certification to ensure the home is operated in an environmentally friendly manner and stays green.

For more information on Built Green Canada and the Renovation Program & Guide, you can visit or for more ideas on green options for your building, visit


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